[torqueusers] diasble notification mail by default

Zhiliang Hu zhu at iastate.edu
Mon Sep 22 09:18:43 MDT 2008


The error has to go somewhere if not in the form of mail message. It could be awkward if at some point in the future you wish to diagnose something depending on how you "disable" it.

In your case, one simple approach might be that you can use procmail to pipe all these mails to a file in /tmp, or directly to /dev/null. This way you can always switch it to a real email destination when needed.


At 05:03 PM 9/22/2008 +0200, Arnau Bria wrote:
>is there any way for disabling notification mail by default?
>(I looked for it in archives but I've only seen some .forward
>We run lots of grid jobs from a non real users, so, mail has no sense
>for them.

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