[torqueusers] Alignment errors on IA-64

Rushton Martin JMRUSHTON at qinetiq.com
Mon Sep 22 02:47:10 MDT 2008


Thanks for the response.  I realise they are only warnings, but if
I can eliminate them with not too much difficulty I would like to.
First they are worrying to users and second they have the potential
to mess up scripts that rely on the output.  I am not too worried
by the loss of cycles however, given the normal frequency of use
the loss is trivial.

Martin Rushton

|From: James A. Peltier [mailto:jpeltier at cs.sfu.ca] 
|On Wed, 17 Sep 2008, Rushton Martin wrote:
|> On an Altix running SLES10 SP1 with Torque 2.3.3 I get the following 
|> error from both qstat and qmgr
|> qstat(26768): unaligned access to 0x607ffffffe7d9e95, 
|> ip=0x2000000000076990
|> qstat(26768): unaligned access to 0x607ffffffe7d9e89, 
|> ip=0x20000000000769b0
|> qstat(26768): unaligned access to 0x607ffffffe7d9e9d, 
|> ip=0x2000000000076a00
|> qstat(26768): unaligned access to 0x607ffffffe7d9e89,
|> ip=0x2000000000076a61
|> It is always four lines, and always the same four ip addresses, but 
|> the data addresses change from run to run.  It is not every 
|time, only 
|> if more than about 10 seconds has elapsed from the previous 
|> Any pointers as to where to look would be welcome.
|These errors are usually just warnings and can safely be 
|ignored.  In fact, you can actually disable them it won't harm 
|anything.  There is a performance loss of some CPU clock 
|cycles due to the realignment however.
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