[torqueusers] Compiling Torque in Cygwin

Lloyd Brown lloyd_brown at byu.edu
Thu Sep 11 12:33:35 MDT 2008

Joshua Bernstein wrote:
> Hi Darcy,
> Darcy Quick wrote:
>> Has anyone had luck getting Torque working in Cygwin?  I need to run
>> a pbs_mom on a Windows node.  There's no mention of it in the OS
>> notes in INSTALL.
> As people have said on the list, client commands and the pbs_server
> will build nicely, though in 2.3.3, at least, there isn't a pbs_mom
> type for Windows.
> This seems strange to me because Cluster Resources and others have
> claimed to be able to build hybrid clusters (or use Xen/VMWare to boot
> Windows on top of Linux). Now I assumed that was done by placing a
> pbs_mom on the Windows compute nodes, and thus allow them to be
> scheduled by Moab just like any other node. This of course would
> require a windows version of pbs_mom.
> Perhaps though they have some other interface, that allows Moab to
> directly interface with something on the Windows Node.
> In any case, considering pbs_mom doesn't build, I'd be curious how
> these hybrid clusters are getting scheduled.
> In anybody on this list running a hybrid cluster?
> -Joshua Bernstein
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> Penguin Computing
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I seem to remember asking about this at SC07, and it sounded like it had
more to do with the virtualized cluster being reprovisioned by Moab on
demand.  So, in essence, the cluster could reinstall/reconfigure its
compute nodes to whatever OS was needed.  I don't know how they started
processes on the Windows VMs. 

Okay.  Maybe before I get myself in too deep, someone from CR can give
an *official* response.

Lloyd Brown


Lloyd Brown
Systems Administrator
Fulton Supercomputing Lab
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