[torqueusers] error with check_pwd?

Miles O'Neal meo at intrinsity.com
Wed Sep 10 11:47:58 MDT 2008

Steve Young said...
|Well I think I figured out where the problem is. This user was in a  
|few different NIS groups. At one point I had some research projects  
|split up into NIS groups. This person was in charge of research and  
|was part of most of those research groups. When I took him out of  
|those other "secondary" groups his jobs started working as expected  
|again. I'm not sure why it doesn't like it when someone is in many  
|different groups. At the least it should just look at the primary  
|group for that user?

How many groups?  Some OSes limit the number
of groups to 16, and NFS prior to v4 has that
limit as well (not sure about v4).

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