[torqueusers] how can use infiniband nodes in torque

Jacques Foury Jacques.Foury at math.u-bordeaux1.fr
Wed Sep 10 02:46:48 MDT 2008

zhyang at lzu.edu.cn a écrit :
> I have a cluster,including 14 infinband nodes ,I want to know whether effect in infiniband more fast than 1000M ethernet , I install mvaich,but I use torque submit job (use mpich2 and mavich),but I found the job running time is no diffence.I saw the document about mpich2,it said it support the infiniband. anybody used infiniband nodes? how can I using the infinband nodes? Need I try compiler the torque or mpich2、mvaich(add some parametere)?
> thanks
> yang


For infiniband support with mpi, we had to use mvapich2 (Scientific Linux 5)

Jacques Foury
Institut de Mathematiques de Bordeaux

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