[torqueusers] mixed 32/64 bit cluster

Torsten Rohlfing torsten at synapse.sri.com
Fri Oct 24 12:39:32 MDT 2008

We've done this for several years, with no problems ever. We're even 
running a mixed setup with 32bit mom on 32bit machines and 64bit mom on 
64bit systems. Head node is running 64bit server and mom. We're using 
the torque RPMs from the Fedora repos, currently on FC9.

The only thing you need to make sure is that your jobs only run 64bit 
binaries on 64bit systems, and if they run 32bit executables on 64bit 
systems you may need to install extra 32bit shared libraries.

Other than that, piece of cake.


> Jeff DeReus said...
> |/As a joint project here we are attempting to integrate a mixed 32/64 bit
> /|/cluster.  I have not been able to find any documentation as to the success
> /|/of this in the past.
> /|/
> /|/While the current 32 bit head can see the proper aspects of the 64 bit
> /|/nodes, no jobs are successfully pushed out.  Everything seems to be
> /|/communicating properly between nodes and ssh is properly set up.
> /|/
> /|/Has anyone had any success with this type of project?  We would like to be
> /|/able to offer dual functionality and the possibility for users to have
> /|/access to the entire joint cluster.
> /
> We did that for a while.  I believe we ran 32 bit
> moms on all systems, including 64 bit systems.
> Have you tried running a 32 bit mom on a 64 bit
> system?  (I'm assuming there's no other 32/64 bit
> clash, such as jobs requesting a 32 bit property
> that isn't on the 64 bit clients.)

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