[torqueusers] Torque 2.3.3 on AIX 5.3

Wed Oct 22 14:01:26 MDT 2008

Thanks Al for your advice.

That's solve pbs_mom issue, but now I have problem submitting jobs with 
memory reservation :

I did unset the queue memory resources option (resources_default.mem), 
then jobs with no memory reservation run well, but when I try to specify 
-l mem=xxx on command line or in pbs script, job are rejected with error.

mom_set_limits: entered
Job start failed.  Can't set "mem" limit: Unknown resource type .
pbs_mom: Error 0 (0) in TMomFinalizeChild, mom_set_limits failed


Al Taufer wrote:
> There have been some issues with AIX 5.3 and the use of POSIX memlock.  
> Due to this there was a new configure option added in July.  It is 
> available in the 2.3.3 release that you are using.  Try using configure 
> --disable-posixmemlock to prevent pbs_moms from using POSIX MEMLOCK 
> functionality.  Hopefully this will resolve the problem.
> Al

>> Hi,
>> I'm having troubles with Torque MOM on IBM aix 5.3, after several 
>> attempts to compile.
>> Launching pm_mom ends whith error :
>> pbs_mom:mom_main.c:mlockall(): Not enough space
>> Any help is highly appreciated.
>> Atmane.
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