[torqueusers] pbs_mom unable to chdir to automounted dirs

Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick mfitzpat at bu.edu
Wed Oct 22 12:53:51 MDT 2008

The node OS is CentOS5 as is the nfs server.  The pbs server is running 
CentOS4.5.  I have rebooted and chanted... :-) :-(

Here is my simple pbs script and it does not have absolute paths.  The 
script will run only after the nfs dirs are somehow mounted on the 
node.  I have tried it with absolute path names, and it makes no difference.

pbs script:
#PBS -l nodes=node1048
# join stderr and stdout and write the to a file
#PBS -j oe
#PBS -o test3.o
# cd into the working directory
# print out some diagnostic stuff
echo Running on host `hostname`
echo Directory is `pwd`
echo Start time is `date`
# run my commands

./dostuff2.pl data.txt > test3.out1

# print out some diagnostic stuff
echo Stop time is `date`

Luke Scharf wrote:
> If it works with the shell, however, the problem almost has to be with 
> something other than the automounter.
> Are any asbolute paths in the qsub script correct?
> -Luke
> Luke Scharf wrote:
>> That looks happy, too.
>> What is the underlying OS running on the node?
>> Have you tried just rebooting everything while muttering laments 
>> about stray alpha-particles to everyone within earshot?
>> -Luke
>> Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick wrote:
>>> Yeah, that is why I am stumped...   because I can cd to nfs dirs, 
>>> seems like autofs is working correctly.  But unless the nfs dir is 
>>> pre-mounted, pbs_mom can not find it.  Very strange...
>>> Yes, getent passwd give the correct home dir info
>>> [root at node1048 mom_priv]# getent passwd
>>> mfitzpat:!!:xxxxxx:xxx:mfitzpat:/fs/userB1/mfitzpat:/bin/bash
>>> Luke Scharf wrote:
>>>> Nothing that you mention looks amiss at first glance...
>>>> Does the "getent passwd" information for the user have a correct 
>>>> home directory on the node?
>>>> -Luke
>>>> Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick wrote:
>>>>> Thanks Luke.
>>>>> Right now, my cluster is one node, with additional 50 to be 
>>>>> brought on-line once I resolve the automount problem.  The job I 
>>>>> am running is very simple, no nfs load on server.
>>>>> my $usecp I believe is correct and works properly after the nfs 
>>>>> dir is mounted.
>>>>> $usecp *:/fs/userB1 /fs/userB1
>>>>> My auto.home file:
>>>>> userB1  -rw,hard,intr   userB:/userB/u1
>>>>> auto.master file:
>>>>> #+auto.master
>>>>> /fs     /etc/auto.home
>>>>> I believe it is an automount issue and I need to tweak a parameter 
>>>>> in a config file.  Not sure which one it is at this point.
>>>>> Luke Scharf wrote:
>>>>>> Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick wrote:
>>>>>>> I have my home dirs nfs exported to all of my compute nodes.  I 
>>>>>>> can log into the nodes and cd the nfs mounted dirs, no problem. 
>>>>>>> When I submit a job to a node and the automounted nfs dirs are 
>>>>>>> not mount (timed out), I get the following error:
>>>>>>> Oct 21 16:08:14 node1047 pbs_mom: No such file or directory (2) 
>>>>>>> in TMomFinalizeChild, PBS: chdir to '/fs/userB1/mfitzpat' 
>>>>>>> failed: No such file or directory
>>>>>>> If I immediately resubmit the job to the same node, it will 
>>>>>>> run.  It appears that pbs wants the automounted nfs dirs to be 
>>>>>>> already mounted, then the job will run.  If I hard mount the nfs 
>>>>>>> home dirs, I have no problem running the jobs, but I do not want 
>>>>>>> to do that.
>>>>>>> Any one run into this?  Trying to figure out if it is a torque 
>>>>>>> issue or automount issue.
>>>>>> How big is your cluster?  How capable is the NFS server?  A 
>>>>>> job-start is likely to create a mountstorm, and generate a lot of 
>>>>>> I/O.  Some servers can handle it, some can't.
>>>>>> Yay for scaling issues!
>>>>>> -Luke
>>>>>> P.S. I second the suggestion of checking the $usecp value.

Mary Ellen

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