[torqueusers] pbs_sched and one or more many CPU nodes.

James J Coyle jjc at iastate.edu
Mon Oct 20 14:24:39 MDT 2008

Torque/pbs_sched users,

  I'm managing a cluster and use pbs_sched.  

  I have a reasonably large (144 node) homogeneous cluster of 4 processor/8GB
nodes.  It is running well.

  I now need to add at least one, perhaps more nodes which are
32 processor/128GB nodes.  

  One way is to treat this as a separate (maybe just single node) cluster
the other is to incorporate it into the existing queuing system.

  Has anyone incorporated nodes with such a large disparity in capability
into a single PBS structure?

   Ideally one would want only jobs > 4 cpus and < 32 cpus to run on 
this/these nodes.  

   Has anyone done this with pbs_sched?  
If so, can you dump the qmgr setting with
qmgr -c 'p s' > state_file
and share it with me, and maybe the nodes file if that is also needed?

 James Coyle, PhD
 SGI Origin, Xeon and Opteron Cluster Manager
 High Performance Computing Group     
 235 Durham Center            
 Iowa State Univ.           phone: (515)-294-2099
 Ames, Iowa 50011           web: http://jjc.public.iastate.edu

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