[torqueusers] qalter -s "comment"?

Troy Baer tbaer at utk.edu
Fri Oct 10 09:22:45 MDT 2008

Can anybody think of a reason why qalter shouldn't be allowed to modify
the comment field in a job object if run by a user with manager privs?
I know that's historically been reserved for the scheduler, but what if
you've got a scheduler that doesn't go through the scheduler C API?

For instance, right now I help administer a Cray XT4 where the resource
management environment has a quirky three-way interaction between
TORQUE, Moab, and a Cray-specific allocator/placement service called
ALPS via a set of glue scripts.  ALPS has its own view of the machine
that is more or less disjoint from that of TORQUE, although it has
"reservation ids" that ought to have a one-to-one correlation to running
TORQUE jobids.  Moab knows the mapping between a TORQUE jobid and an
ALPS resid thanks to one of the glue scripts, but I'd like to modify
said script to put that information into something that will show up in
the output of qstat -f (and maybe even the accounting logs) as well.

Let me know if I'm totally off in left field here.

Troy Baer, HPC System Administrator
National Institute for Computational Sciences, University of Tennessee
Phone:  865-241-4233

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