[torqueusers] localhost qsub and spartan

Tony Schreiner schreian at bc.edu
Thu Oct 2 07:14:38 MDT 2008

On Sep 26, 2008, at 9:57 AM, Tony Schreiner wrote:

> I realize this question is more about the Spartan application than  
> qsub, but I'm wondering something before I contact Waveform
> I was tasked with installing Torque on a single system with 8  
> cores, so that the users could be limited in how many simultaneous  
> runs they make. The setup went fine and users are limited to 4  
> simultaneous running jobs.
> However, then I learned spartan is run interactively, the following
> qsub -I -X
> spartan
> starts up, but there is a licensing error:
> Spartan error: Remote Builder not licensed
> it looks like the job is being treated as if it's on a remote  
> system even though everything is on the local host. What is the  
> mechanism, is there an rsh to the localhost?

I saw no reply to this, but the answer is to run the Spartan  
installer again after the queuing system is set up. The option comes  
up of selecting an external (to Spartan) queueing system.

The Spartan set up is run in the foreground and the submit function  
within the program uses whatever queueing system is selected.

Tony Schreiner

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