[torqueusers] Maui QOS

Sarah Mulholland smm at rincon.com
Tue Nov 25 16:11:08 MST 2008

I'm having trouble getting the Maui QOS to work.  I started by following the example in the admin doc and I've experimented to to no avail.

My QOS related variables in maui.cfg currently look like this:


I submit my jobs with qsub -W x:qos:med somejob

The syntax I saw in the archives had "-W x:QOS:med", but when I try that, none of my jobs run.  As it is I have a test case that submits a bunch of low priority jobs followed by a high priority job.  Each job grabs half the nodes, so the first two start running and the rest go in the queue.  When a job finishes, the processing continues in FIFO order rather than the high priority job getting taking precedence.

Any hints on how to debug would be appreciated.  I've looked at "diagnose -Q", but it doesn't tell me much.  I am using xpbs to monitor the queue.

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