[torqueusers] torque resource_group and qsub

David Singleton David.Singleton at anu.edu.au
Mon Nov 24 13:02:42 MST 2008

Sarah Mulholland wrote:
> I'm trying to understand the correct way to specify a resource group with qsub as:
> qsub -W group_list=$gname
> Where gname is a group name from the resource_group file in the torq/sched_priv directory.
> I was hoping to use logical groups in the resource_group file, but I get an error that I'm attempting to run with an invalid gid.  Do the users and groups in the resource_group file have to correspond to unix groups?  I want to use the resource_group for fairshare scheduling, but I prefer not to muck with the unix groups which are already set up with specific permissions.
> Does anybody know?
> Thanks in advance!

Hi Sarah,

I think -Wgroup_list is unrelated to resource_group.  group_list is for
specifying the Unix group under which the job will run which mainly
controls the group ownership of files created by the job.  I haven't used
resource_groups but I think they are unrelated to real Unix groups in
general.   If you are using the FIFO scheduler, then I think the
fairshare resource_group of a job is derived entirely from the username
of the owner of the job and the resource_group file. (It probably should
be based on the qsub -A account argument but it isn't.  It would be
roughly a 6 line change to make it so.)


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