[torqueusers] torque resource_group and qsub

Sarah Mulholland smm at rincon.com
Fri Nov 21 15:16:12 MST 2008

I'm trying to understand the correct way to specify a resource group with qsub as:

qsub -W group_list=$gname

Where gname is a group name from the resource_group file in the torq/sched_priv directory.

I was hoping to use logical groups in the resource_group file, but I get an error that I'm attempting to run with an invalid gid.  Do the users and groups in the resource_group file have to correspond to unix groups?  I want to use the resource_group for fairshare scheduling, but I prefer not to muck with the unix groups which are already set up with specific permissions.

Does anybody know?

Thanks in advance!

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