[torqueusers] torque admin manual vs. administrator's guide

Gus Correa gus at ldeo.columbia.edu
Wed Nov 19 17:32:02 MST 2008

Hello Sarah and list

The PS file is the old PBS Admin Guide.
Still useful, although out of date.
This pdf version seems to be slightly newer:

However, the inconsistency may not be so bad.
There are features in the more terse html Torque version that are not
covered on the PBS pdf/ps (e.g. different types of prologue and epilogue 

Gus Correa

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Sarah Mulholland wrote:

> I’ve just realized that the postscript format Torque Administrator’s 
> Guide on the documents page has completely different content than the 
> html version at the adjacent link to the Torque Admin Manual or Torque 
> Admin Manual (beta).
> It’s confusing that the PS content available via a link called “For a 
> PDF Click Here” is not the same as the HTML content. This web page and 
> the titles should be updated to reflect the different content. The PS 
> document has all kinds of information that’s useful and doesn’t seem 
> to be in the online versions.
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