[torqueusers] Re: rcp issue

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Sun Nov 16 15:30:12 MST 2008

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----- "Abhishek Gupta" <abhig at Princeton.EDU> wrote:

> Hi Garrick,

Hi Abhishek,

> Could you please explain me how to use this command? The description 
> says use it as  "$usecp <host>:<SRCdir> <DESdir>"

In your pbs_mom.conf you could put:

$usecp *:/home /home

if on all clients ('*') that submit to Torque the /home
directory is the same as your /home on the compute nodes.

> Since this thing is already mentioned in /etc/fstab, what is the
> purpose of adding this again? Or I am understanding it incorrectly?

By default the pbs_mom will try and rcp/scp the users
files back, if your systems aren't configured for that
then you'll find output and error files going astray for

The usecp command just tells it to just cp the files
directly back rather than scp/rcp them.

It's a hold over from when systems didn't necessarily
have shared filesystems between them.

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