[torqueusers] more about torque queues

Sarah Mulholland smm at rinconres.com
Fri Nov 14 13:37:28 MST 2008

I'm running torque-2.1.6 without maui or moab.  Right now we only have one queue.  I'd like to have high priority jobs take precedence.  I don't need to preempt the current job.

I see a "priority" on qsub.  Is that job priority or queue priority?  Experiments suggest that the value is ignored.

If I create two queues, one with high and one with low priority, can both queues use all the resources?  Or must separate queues be allocated separate resources as in the admin guide example (section 4.1.4)?

What I'd like is for a high priority job to move to the front of the scheduling queue.  Is this possible with torque alone?  Is there some other documentation I should be reading besides the admin guide that gives more details on queue behavior and configurations?

Thanks in advance.
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