[torqueusers] Releasing TORQUE 2.3.5

Josh Butikofer josh at clusterresources.com
Fri Nov 14 11:19:54 MST 2008


> When you say "pre-compiled binaries", you mean moab, right?  That's the only
> pre-compiled binary I can imagine.

Yes, Moab is one of those. We have many customers, and several of them 
also have created binaries (that are not always re-compiled) which link 
against the libtorque.so.2, so these can be categorized as pre-compiled 
as well. :)

> Moab is currently released linked to libtorque.so.2?  So it has already dropped
> 2.1 support?

No, Moab is currently released linked to libtorque.so.0. So everyone 
that uses a new TORQUE has to create a symlink. Starting with Moab 5.3 
we are going to be linking against libtorque.so.2, but there will be 
versions linked against libtorque.so.0 as well, so we won't be dropping 
2.1 support, just like we haven't dropped pre-libtorque support either, 
by providing a libpbs Moab build.

--Josh B.

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