[torqueusers] Log file rolling and man page

Stephen Childs childss at cs.tcd.ie
Thu Nov 13 04:46:42 MST 2008

We had the following configuration for logging on our torque server:

set server log_events = 511
set server log_level = 0
set server log_file_max_size = 0
set server log_file_roll_depth = 10

This resulted in the log file being rolled every 5 minutes, so by the end 
of the day all we were left with was logs for the last 50 minutes of the day!

The man entry for log_file_max_size implies that log_file_max_size won't 
take effect unless a value greater than 0 is set. However, 
log_file_roll_depth says that if log_file_max_size *is set* (to any value 
including 0), rolling will take place. The latter appears to be the truth!

Could I suggest removing the phrase "to a value > 0" from the 
log_file_max_size entry in the man page? This would reflect the behaviour 
more accurately.


 From server_attributes man page:

                  If this is set to a value > 0 then pbs_server will roll 
the current log  file  to  logfile.1  when  its  size  is  greater  than 
or  equal  to  the  value  of
                  log_file_max_size. This value is interpreted as kilobytes.

                  If this is set to a value >=1 and log_file_max_size is 
set then pbs_server will continue rolling the log files to 

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