[torqueusers] TORQUE 2.3.4 Officially Released

Josh Butikofer josh at clusterresources.com
Mon Nov 10 17:12:37 MST 2008


TORQUE 2.3.4 has been officially released! Thanks again to everyone who 
contributed in one way or another.

See below for a list of changes in 2.3.4:

c - crash     b - bug fix    e - enhancement    f - new feature

    b - fixed a bug with RPM spec files due to new pbs_track executable
    b - fixed a bug with "max_report" where jobs not in the Q state were not
        always being reported to scheduler
    b - fixed bug with new UNIX socket communication when more than one 
        instance is running on the same host
    c - fixed a few memory errors due to a spurious comma and some 
        memory being allocated
    b - fixed a bug preventing multiple TORQUE servers and TORQUE MOMs from
        operating properly all from the same host
    f - enabled 'qsub -T' to specify "job type." Currently this will 
allow a per
        job prolog/epilog
    f - added a new '-E' option to qstat which allows command-line users 
to pass
        "extend" strings via the API
    f - added new max_report queue attribute which will limit the number 
of Idle
        jobs, per queue, that TORQUE reports to the scheduler
    e - enhanced logging when a hostname cannot be looked up in DNS
    e - PBS_NET_MAX_CONNECTIONS can now be defined at compile time (via 
    e - modified source code so that all .c and .h files now conform 
more closely
        to the new CRI format style
    c - fixed segfault when loading job files of an older/incompatible 
    b - fixed a bug where if attempt to send job to a pbs_mom failed due to
        timeout, the job would indefinitely remain the in 'R' state
    b - fixed a bug where CPU time was not being added up properly in 
all cases
        (fix for Linux only)
    e - pbs_track now allows passing of - and -- options to the a.out 
    b - qsub now properly interprets -W umask=0XXX as octal umask
    e - allow $HOME to be specified for path
    e - added --disable-qsub-keep-override to allow the qsub -k flag to not
        override -o -e.
    e - updated with security patches for setuid, setgid, setgroups
    b - fixed correct_ct() in svr_jobfunc.c so we don't crash if we hit 
    b - fixed problem where momctl -d 0 showed ConfigVersion twice
    e - if a .JB file gets upgraded pbs_server will back up the original
    b - removed qhold / qrls -h n option since there is no code to 
support it
    b - set job state and substate correctly when job has a hold 
attribute and
        is being rerun
    e - fixed several compiler error and warnings for AIX 5.2 systems


Josh Butikofer
Cluster Resources, Inc.

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