[torqueusers] Latency with Torque 2.3.3

Prakash Velayutham Prakash.Velayutham at cchmc.org
Mon Nov 10 12:41:09 MST 2008

Hello All,

I am running Torque-2.3.3 in my site with --ha flag and seeing a lot  
of latency during simple operations like qstat and pbsnodes. Same is  
true with Torque-2.3.1 too. Is this a known issue or do I have to  
configure something in Torque to get it to respond better? In my  
production setup I have 2.1.8 which works like a charm, but does not  
have the HA capability. I also tested the response with 2.1.10 and  
that also seems to work fine.

Please let me know if you need me to send more info like config, etc.  
The setup seemed to be working fine until I started adding more and  
more nodes to it.

Thanks and regards,

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