[torqueusers] Equivalent to 'qsub -sync y' in TORQUE

David Echeverria Ciaurri echeverr at stanford.edu
Sat Nov 8 17:29:36 MST 2008

Dear All,

I'm solving an optimization problem, and at certain points I have to run
several time-expensive simulations in parallel. Then I want the control
to be returned when the last simulation terminates in order to proceed 
with the next iteration in the optimization algorithm (i.e., I run the
'qsub' command remotely by ssh and when the ssh connection finishes is
because all the simulations have been performed and I can go and use all
the outputs locally). I'm familiar with qsub in SGE, and there I can do 
it with the '-sync y' option. But in that other cluster we are using 
TORQUE and in order to do that we would like to be able to do the '-sync 
y' there, or something (simple) with the functionality described above. 
We will be very thankful if you can give us some light on this issue; 
maybe some of you is doing something similar.

With best regards,

David Echeverria Ciaurri

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