[torqueusers] Retiring the TORQUE Wiki

John S. Urban urbanjost at comcast.net
Sat Nov 8 19:05:31 MST 2008

I concur. Because many large sites are not directly connected to the 
Internet, it would be
nice to have current single documents (like a PDF) or tar files of all the 
or , perhaps better yet - to make an iso file or CD available for those who 
have to download everything
via CD or DVD to where we want TORQUE (and/or MOAB). As a simple substitute,
something like this single file I attached could be used to generate 
complete documents on the
fly. If the attached file (ATTEND.html) were placed in
then it would dynamically generate a reasonable facsimile of the PDF file 
that would be
very easy to keep up to date (only requiring a change when a new file was 
added to the
document, whereupon a line would need added in the loadthem() function). 
Think of it
a poor man's Adobe Distiller, perhaps.

Unfortunately, most browser implementations of JavaScript don't allow 
reading of
files not on the same server, so the I can't demo this directly (because the 
file has to be on the www.clusterresources.com server), but there is a 
discussion of the
pros and cons (including significant limitations) of such an approach at
That said, I think it should work well with the TORQUE documentation.

But is the PDF already auto-generated and always up to date? Or are we 
asking for a
solution to an already-solved problem?  My vote goes for a complete DVD/iso 
being made available either way!

PS: My personal experiences with allowing wiki-supported manuals have all 
been failures. I am amazed
      when I see some (even Wikipedia; obviously successful) work! They seem 
to require allowing everyone
      something to contribute . Narrowly focused ones seem doomed except for 
general cases. Mileage varies.

> IMHO, relative to the documentation standards, I have no issue with the
> removal of the wiki.  However, I think it is imperative to maintain up
> to date PDF versions in addition to the HTML versions.  The rationale
> for this is that it is often difficult to navigate HTML files when
> systems are behind firewalls and private networks. To manage such
> systems, it is most convenient to have a set of documentation available
> in the data centers for reference when problems arise or when
> reconfiguration is necessary.
> Just my $.02.
> Stewart

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