[torqueusers] Problem making Torque RPMs on RHEL/CentOS 4.7 on ia64/Itanium via rpmbuild

Josh Butikofer josh at clusterresources.com
Fri Nov 7 11:32:25 MST 2008


See my comments below:

Jack Challen wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm attempting to build Torque v2.3.3 using rpmbuild or "make rpm", as 
> I'd like the final files to belong to an RPM package (for ease of 
> upgrading, package distribution, etc). Both methods fail due to the 
> strict compiler warnings (I have a work-around), but the plain "make" 
> works as expected.
> This is on an Itanium (ia64) machine running either RHEL 4.7 or CentOS 
> 4.7 (I've tried both with the same result). x86_64 machines don't 
> exhibit this problem.

I only have a ia64 machine running CentOS 3.8, so I'm not able to 
reproduce your problem exactly, but based on the compiler warnings you 
posted here I believe this has been fixed in the latest 2.3.4 snapshot 

If you want to try out my changes using the tarball you already 
downloaded, please try applying the attached patch and recompiling. It 
should hopefully allow you to use -O2 again without 
--disable-gcc-warnings (unless there are other issues in the code that 
your compiler won't like).

> There's also a small problem with the torque.spec file: it doesn't 
> include pbs_track in the client "files" definition, which applies to 
> other architectures too -- see Attempt 4.

This has also been fixed in the 2.3.4 snapshots and the fix will be 
permanent when TORQUE 2.3.4 is released (which should be soon).


Josh Butikofer
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