[torqueusers] Supercomputing 2008 and TORQUE BOF

Josh Butikofer josh at clusterresources.com
Wed Nov 5 17:08:19 MST 2008


Many of you have attended the Supercomputing conferences in past years 
and have taken part in a TORQUE BOF (birds-of-a-feather) meeting. During 
these meetings we discuss what we've accomplished with TORQUE over the 
past year, what we would like to do during the next year, hear feedback 
from the community, etc. In past years we registered the BOF with 
Supercomputing, allowing us to reserve a room and time at the conference 
center itself.

I'm told that several months ago we tried registering for the TORQUE 
BOF, but Supercomputing 2008 (SC08) didn't have room for us. My question 
to the community is: do you feel that we need to have a TORQUE BOF this 
year? Is this a gathering that the community values and feels is 
important? If so, we will work to come up with alternate accommodations 
during SC08--perhaps at a local hotel. The downside with this 
alternative is, of course, transportation issues: we probably will not 
providing any kind of shuttle for an offsite TORQUE BOF. Another option 
is to hold a smaller BOF of sorts at the Cluster Resources booth. 
(Smaller only because our booth is not big enough to accommodate all 
interested parties...but it might be pretty interesting to see all of 
the TORQUE users trying to squeeze onto our pad!)

According to recent posts on the TORQUE development mailing list, VPAC 
will be having a small development meeting at their booth (looks like 
you should talk to Chris Samuel about the details). It may be that this 
smaller meeting will be sufficient. But maybe not.

In short, if you have an opinion, please let us know what you would like 
to do for SC08 in place of the usual TORQUE BOF.


Josh Butikofer
Cluster Resources, Inc.

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