[torqueusers] Retiring the TORQUE Wiki

Stewart.Samuels at sanofi-aventis.com Stewart.Samuels at sanofi-aventis.com
Tue Nov 4 06:32:19 MST 2008

IMHO, relative to the documentation standards, I have no issue with the
removal of the wiki.  However, I think it is imperative to maintain up
to date PDF versions in addition to the HTML versions.  The rationale
for this is that it is often difficult to navigate HTML files when
systems are behind firewalls and private networks. To manage such
systems, it is most convenient to have a set of documentation available
in the data centers for reference when problems arise or when
reconfiguration is necessary.

Just my $.02.


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As I'm sure many of you have noticed we have several "versions" or
"flavors" of documentation for TORQUE: we have normal HTML docs, wiki
docs, a PDF, and now an improved version of the HTML docs. We initially
had only the HTML docs, but after repeated requests from the community
for a editable wiki, we created the wiki docs. The improved HTML docs
are designed to facilitate better navigation and information retrieval.

After having the TORQUE wiki operational for more than two years we are
now coming to a crossroads. We would like to make all of our
documentation standardized and consistent across the software we
host/produce. The improved version of the HTML docs has been met with
positive feedback and we will be making these the de facto TORQUE docs.
The wiki docs, on the other hand, have proved troublesome in that they
must be synced up with the HTML docs. Also, the wiki docs have not
enjoyed as many contributions from the community as was initially hoped
for; for example, the last community improvement made to the docs was
made in January of this year. In short, the wiki is not meeting the
original goal to improve the TORQUE documentation.

With the hiring of full-time TORQUE developers, and a growing
documentation staff, we believe that moving away from a wiki and
consolidating around normal HTML documentation will be best. We will
provide a convenient e-mail address which can be used to submit
suggested content changes. Although not as immediate as a wiki, this
will still allow the community to contribute to the improvement of the
TORQUE docs.

We are interested in hearing community feedback about this decision.
Please let us know what you think.


Josh Butikofer
Cluster Resources, Inc.

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