[torqueusers] Evaluating DRMAA + Torque

Darren Platt darren at 23andme.com
Sat May 31 15:27:28 MDT 2008


we've been testing out Torque + DRMAA combination and using DRMAA-py that
was written for SGE.  I've
encountered a few issues and was wondering if there are many users out there
using Torque+DRMAA.  The underlying
Torque implementation seems to be behaving correctly, but I've had a lot of
issues trying to get input/output files to stage
correctly using scp.  I ran into some slight problems compiling the python
wrappers as well that required a small addition to
the torque/DRMAA headers.  Has anyone used DRMAA-py with Torque?   Any
comments appreciated.   We're testing
a variety of different schedulers and I was impressed with the relative ease
of installation for Torque.  The docs were a little out
of date in places, but overall good.  We're testing 2.3.0,


Darren Platt
Senior Director, Research
23andMe, inc
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