[torqueusers] problem with ncpus option to qsub

Kevin Van Workum vanw at tticluster.com
Fri May 30 14:07:41 MDT 2008


I recently noticed the following odd behavior. Namely mpiexec (OSC) honors
the ncpus option to qsub, but pbsdsh does not. It creates the potential of
over allocation of nodes and messes with my accounting (gold). Maybe you
could tell me why this happens. I'm not sure what I want to do about it, but
knowing why it does it would be helpful.

[vanw at server ~]$ qsub -I -l ncpus=2
qsub: waiting for job 113884.jman to start
qsub: job 113884.jman ready
[vanw at n122113 ~]$ cat $PBS_NODEFILE
[vanw at n122113 ~]$ pbsdsh hostname
[vanw at n122113 ~]$ mpiexec -comm none hostname

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