[torqueusers] IB epilogoue/prolog, and any other concerns

Walid walid.shaari at gmail.com
Thu May 29 08:46:03 MDT 2008


I do not have a problem yet, however in the next couple of days i might be
We are deploying an IB large cluster, and with IB we have a choice of
openMPI, mvapich, mvapich, among other commercial mpi implementations, our
code used to run on mpich-gm over myrinet, and CISCO advice is to go with
mvapich, our developers would like to have mvapcih2, and quick research on
the net shows that openMPI is easier to depoly and have lesser issues

My question is if you used any of the above and have any hints,gotches? or
be aware of advice, could you please pass it on, or any useful URLs?
Where is the best way to set the limits of memory unlocked so that pbs mom
honours it?
can you please share any epilogue/prolog that is needed for this kind of


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