[torqueusers] Queue set up question

Steve Young chemadm at hamilton.edu
Wed May 28 17:02:29 MDT 2008

Hi Joseph,
	I bind certain resources to queue's with features. In the  
server_priv/nodes file I put in something like this:

node0001  altix
node0002  altix
node0003  mac
node0004  mac

Then in qmgr I set them like this:

create queue mac
set queue mac queue_type = Execution
set queue mac resources_default.neednodes = mac
set queue mac resources_default.walltime = 24:00:00
set queue mac enabled = True
set queue mac started = True

create queue altix
set queue altix queue_type = Execution
set queue altix resources_default.neednodes = altix
set queue altix resources_default.walltime = 24:00:00
set queue altix enabled = True
set queue altix started = True

I'm assuming your using pbs_sched as a scheduler. Hope this helps,


On May 28, 2008, at 5:27 PM, Joseph Norris wrote:

> I have set up two queues  - I have 8 nodes in my IB queue and the  
> rest in ethernet queue.
> The IB queue is set for particular users using qmgr.  I have a user  
> that set his pbs script to IB queue and he is a valid user of the  
> IB queue.  He wanted is job to run only on these nodes however the  
> job ran on all of the nodes and also jumped to the other queue.
> What am I missing so as to set the queues that jobs can not cross  
> from one to the other.
> thanks for all your help.
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