[torqueusers] X forwarding in interactive session

Martins, Flavio flavio.martins at fttinc.com
Wed May 28 07:58:06 MDT 2008

Thanks to all who responded. I think I have made some progress with this
issue, although I still have not gotten it to work. I will try to
address most of the comments made all at once here:


1) I can run any X application on my master (login) node without any
problems. If I ssh -X into the cluster the $DISPLAY variable is set to
something like localhost:12. If I rlogin I have to manually set $DISPLAY
to workstation:0.0.


2) I think the -X from qsub does not work for me because I don't have
ssh running on the nodes. Our cluster has a very bare-bones setup for
the nodes and ssh is not part of the node configuration. I also don't
have X running on the nodes - although I don't think that's necessary if
I am forwarding the display elsewhere.


3) I tried to rlogin to the master node, set the DISPLAY variable to
workstation:0.0 and issue a qsub -I -V. Once on the node, I checked the
value of the DISPLAY variable and it was set to "workstation". It had
lost the :0.0 part. I tried to set again manually but it did not work.
Launching an X application just hangs. I can ping my workstation from
the node, and I had access control disabled (vial xhost + command).


4) if I rlogin, set the DISPLAY manually to workstation:0.0 and then
issue a qsub -I -X, the DISPLAY variable gets set to localhost:50 once
on the node, and X applications just hang.


I think the best course of action at this point is to configure the
nodes to run ssh. I have discussed this issue with the developer of our
cluster software and he said that although this is possible he would not
recommend it as the applications would run very slow. Is that consistent
with the experience of others?


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