[torqueusers] epilogue : Works for me.

Joseph Norris jnorris at ucmerced.edu
Fri May 23 10:46:36 MDT 2008

I found my log files - thanks to all your help.

I did cluster-fork ls -l /tmp and found them.

James J Coyle wrote:
> Joseph, 
> It works for me.
>   Three points:
> 1) Check that you looking in the /tmp directory on the system in which
> the job ran. (That is the first node in the node list for the job.)
>   tracejob jobid#  should give you the nodelist for that job.
> 2) Check that the epilogue was changed on that node as it will only
>    run on that node.
> 3) My version does not have $jobid defined in the epilogue, 
>     but $1 is the jobid, so I used
>   echo "Here I am" > /tmp/log.$1

Joseph Norris
Application Developer & Server Adminstrator
jnorris at ucmerced.edu

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