[torqueusers] Experience with use torque on single desktop?

James J Coyle jjc at iastate.edu
Fri May 16 11:10:32 MDT 2008

Torque Users,

   Several faculty have graduate students who need computing resources,
but the faculty do not have the funds for computing.  

   They have a PC on their desk which can run Linux, and they try to use
that, but several students running at once thrashes the memory.

   We've tried things like condor and DQS on multiple machines or in
labs in the pas, but politics always seems to derail the project.

   Given that many machines are coming standard or at little extra cost
with dual or quad core CPUs, I've considered producing a standard 
install script that the faculty could use to install Torque on their 
single machine.

  I'd suggest a small investment in extra memory and disk, (say 5 to 15%
extra cost) and make a single batch queue which constrains batch users
(her/his graduate students), to a subset of the memory and only allow 
access to a separate disk partition.  Also, I'd probably lower the 
priority on the torque mom so that batch jobs would inherit the low 
  Has anybody done something like this and how did it turn out?
Did it interfere with the Major Prof's work?

  Is it worth doing?

  You can just email to me, and I'll post a summary to keep the 
volume of list email down.

  If this has already been asked and answered, please send a pointer
and Ill post that.

 - Jim Coyle

 James Coyle, PhD
 High Performance Computing Group     
 235 Durham Center            
 Iowa State Univ.   
 Ames, Iowa 50011           web: http://jjc.public.iastate.edu

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