[torqueusers] Regarding queues and walltime suspension

Mukta Sharma mukkasharma at yahoo.com
Wed May 14 10:15:54 MDT 2008


I have some doubts regarding queues in Torque. I will
appreciate if any could answer my doubts:

Is there anyway that torque will identify the
resources required by the job and user dont have to
explicitly specify the resources required. For example
if there is multithreaded job which requires multiple
CPU at a time so does user have to explicitly define
the resources or Is there any other way of dealing
with this.

My second doubt is when the walltime of the job is
reached then job is killed by the system or torque so
is there any way to suspend that job instead of
killing or terminating it and resume it later. More
specifically any way by which the system suspends the
job and resume it later when the resources are
avaiable again and user dont have to do this

Thanks and Regards


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