[torqueusers] Re: timesharing cpus

Daniel Bourque dbourque at weatherdata.com
Wed May 14 09:58:05 MDT 2008

Thanks, I'm curious, what options did you set for your special queue ?


Davide Cesari wrote:

> I am in a similar situation where I need to allow unlimited jobs to 
> run on a cluster frontend node and I solved by using the :ts time 
> sharing definition for the node and by defining a special queue 
> including only that node, so that qsub -q that_special_queue sends the 
> job there and the :ts definition allows an indefinite number of jobs 
> to be running simultaneously. Without defining a special queue I found 
> no way, in torque, to convince a job to run on a time sharing node, 
> any other positive experience with :ts?
>     hope this helps, Davide
>> Hi,
>>     I've been looking up and down the archive and manuals, there  
>> doesn't seem to be "proper" way to run more than 1 job per cpu, other 
>> than to lie to in the node definition, and to set maui 
>>    the :ts in the definition is purely ornamental, made to "flag the 
>> nodes" in the pbsnodes output and such, according to the pbd admin 
>> guide.
>>     So, is there a proper way to run more than 1 process/job per cpu ?
>> thanks
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