[torqueusers] checkjob shows 16-CPU job when extra CPUs were not requested

Peter van Heusden pvh at sanbi.ac.za
Tue May 13 03:19:03 MDT 2008

Thanks Al. Seems very non-intuitive though - I thought resources_max
specifies the *maximum* resources a job can require? And then
resources_available is how much is available...

Oh well, I guess I also need to explicitely specify resources_default
for the queue (or for the server)?


Al Taufer wrote:
> If you have set your resources_max.ncpus to 16, then that is probably
> where the value is coming from.
> Torque applies values to resource attributes in the following order:
> 1) Apply values specified on job submission
> 2) Apply values from queue resources_defaults for attributes that are
> not yet set
> 3) Apply values from server resources_defaults for attributes that are
> yet not set
> 4) Apply values from queue resources_max for attributes that are not yet
> set
> 5) Apply values from server resources_max for attributes that are not
> yet set
> Al
> Peter van Heusden wrote:
>> Hi
>> I'm running Torque 2.3.0 with Maui 3.2.6 p 19. We have a queue
>> configured in Torque with resources_max.ncpus and
>> resources_available.ncpus. A job submitted with a simple qsub -q long
>> somehow ends up with 16 CPUs dedicated (as shown by maui's checkjob).
>> Any idea how this happens? Is there some default for the number of CPUs
>> to use set somewhere?
>> Thanks,
>> Peter
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