[torqueusers] more than one job per core and share CPU

Susana Sanchez sse at iaa.es
Mon May 12 04:17:31 MDT 2008

Hello list,
I'm new to Torque/Maui. I'm configuring a cluster with a server + 2
nodes. The nodes have a quad core processor.
I have the following two questions:
1. How can I configure the server to allow more than one job running per
core? If I configure /var/spool/pbs/server_priv/nodes with np=4 for each
node, I can't run more than 8 (4+4) jobs, the following jobs that I
submit  are queued. I've tried to increase the "np" parameter, in this
way I can run more than one job per core, but Is there another better
way to do this?

2. How can I configure the server to share the time CPU based on
priority? For example, JobA and JobB are running on the same core. JobA
is more priority than jobB, I want JobA have more percent CPU than JobB.
I've tried to submit the jobs to different queues, and these queues had
different priority (qmgr:set queue queueA priorty=10 | qmgr:set queue
queueB priorty=2 ), but each job get the 50% CPU (I show this run
command "top" on the node)

Thanks in advance.

Susana Sánchez Expósito

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