[torqueusers] Permission denied (13) in TMakeTmpDir, Unable to make job transient directory

Craig Macdonald craigm at dcs.gla.ac.uk
Fri May 9 04:14:25 MDT 2008

Hi (again),

Just to note a gotcha to the list.

In our new setup, we thought we could try the $tmpdir directive in 
Resolving the comment problems didnt solve the fact that TMakeTmpDir 
always returns permission denied in our setup.

/scratch is group-owned by a group, but owned by root. Permissions is 775.
All clusters users are a member of the same group, but this is not their 
default group.

Hence, when TMakeTmpDir setegid & seteuid, it's not effective, as this 
will only change to the user's default group, which has no permissions 
to write in this folder.

Something to watch out for.


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