[torqueusers] Torque 2.1.8 and "-W umask=22" problems

Joshua Butikofer josh at clusterresources.com
Mon Jun 30 14:10:12 MDT 2008


After thinking about this some more, I remember seeing a bug like this in TORQUE 2.3. It had to do
with the pbs_mom config file's $umask setting, however. TORQUE was not properly parsing/applying the
umask. This was fixed in post TORQUE 2.3 snapshots. I'm not really a TORQUE developer, so I don't
know for sure, but the code could be the same for the $umask pbs_mom config and the job submission
umask. In other words, this might be fixed in TORQUE 2.3 snapshots. Sorry I don't know more. :P

--Josh B.

Randy Philipp wrote:
> I tried that.  I used "-W umask=0022", but from the permission of the
> output file, it looks like the umask is set to 26, which just so happens
> to be octal for 22 decimal.
> Randy Philipp
> Joshua Butikofer wrote:
>> Randy,
>> I know that more recent versions of TORQUE use strtol() to parse the
>> input, but doesn't specify
>> which base the number is in. This means if you place a 0 in front of
>> your number it should read it
>> in as octal.
>> Example:
>> -W umask=0666
>> --Josh B.
>> Randy Philipp wrote:
>>> I have been trying to use the "-W umask=" option in Torque 2.1.8, and it
>>> appears that it is option is takes a decimal value instead of the
>>> standard octal value you usually use with the umask command.  Is this a
>>> known issue, and is there patch for Torque, or has this been resolved in
>>> Torque 2.1.10?  Thanks for your help.
>>> Randy Philipp
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