[torqueusers] Getting resources_assigned.ncpus for a node in torque/moab

Lewis E. Randerson lranderson at pppl.gov
Tue Jun 24 09:01:21 MDT 2008

We are running on an RHEL4 systems:
   Torque v2.1.8
   Moab 5.2.3

Note the very old copy of torque.

How do we get the resources_assigned.ncpus value for a node.
Here is what we are seeing when running qmgr.

$ qmgr -c 'list node sunfire56'
Node sunfire56
        state = free
        np = 4
        ntype = cluster
        jobs = 2/3675.bennu.pppl.gov:13001
        status = opsys=linux,
                 uname=Linux sunfire56.pppl.gov 2.6.9-67.0.7.ELsmp #1  
SMP Wed Feb 27 04:47:23 EST 2008 x86_64,
                 sessions=985 18743,nsessions=2,nusers=2,idletime=95062,

Questions are:

   1) Is this because we are running torque 2.1.8 and is resolved in  
later versions?


   2) Is there something wrong with our setup?


   3) Is this feature no longer supported?

Thanks for any help


Lewis E. Randerson
DOE Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory,
Princeton University, James Forrestal Campus
100 Stellarator Road, Princeton, NJ 08543
Work: 609/243-3134, Fax: 609/243-3086, PPPL Web: http://www.pppl.gov
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