[torqueusers] "No such process (3) in resi_sum, ###: get_proc_stat"

Kamil Kisiel kamil at zymeworks.com
Tue Jun 24 12:27:25 MDT 2008

On 23-Jun-08, at 16:17 , Glen Beane wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 2:57 PM, Kamil Kisiel <kamil at zymeworks.com>  
> wrote:
> On 9-Jun-08, at 14:02 , Kamil Kisiel wrote:
>> Occasionally some of our cluster nodes send out a syslog message  
>> such as:
>> node071.cluster.zymeworks.com pbs_mom: No such process (3) in  
>> resi_sum, 797: get_proc_stat
>> The number after "resi_sum" is different in each message,  
>> presumably it's the PID of some process.
>> What does this mean, and what could be causing it?
> So far I haven't had any reply to this. Nobody has any clue?
> How often do you see this?  I haven't had a chance to look at this  
> in detail, but what could be happening is the process with that PID  
> is dieing and resi_sum is being called before pbs_mom picks up the  
> exiting process.  If it happens often, then please provide me with  
> as much information as you can (especially TORQUE version)

It happens fairly often, I am receiving a few log messages per day. I  
haven't yet been able to determine at which portion of a job or which  
types of jobs cause it. We're using Torque 2.1.6

I also get a similar message for cput_sum

> I also noticed that jobs run through MPI are under-reporting the  
> cputime used in qstat output. Is that related, or a separate issue?
> Which MPI do you use, and which job launcher do you use?  If the job  
> launcher you use is not using TM (the task manager API provided by  
> TORQUE, OpenPBS/PBS Pro) to spawn all of the remote processes then  
> the cpu time will be under reported (these processes will be outside  
> the control of TORQUE).  If you let us know what MPI you use and  
> what job launcher you use (mpiexec/mpirun) we can know for sure if  
> this what is going on. In addition to the under reporting of cpu  
> time, using a non-TM launcher can also lead to processes that aren't  
> always cleaned up when a job crashes or is killed prematurely.

We're using OpenMPI 1.2.6 built with TM support. We launch with mpirun  
but as far as I am aware mpirun and mpiexec are equivalent in OpenMPI.

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