[torqueusers] Torque-HA resource manager integration

Michael Sternberg sternberg at anl.gov
Wed Jul 30 15:55:29 MDT 2008

On Jul 30, 2008, at 9:09 , Josh Butikofer wrote:
> The configuration below that Michael Robbert gave will work for  
> communicating with a TORQUE in HA mode, but not for the reasons that  
> Mr. Robbert assumed.
> The TORQUE libraries have access to the server_name file found in  
> TORQUE's configuration/spool directory. This file contains the  
> primary and secondary TORQUE servers. What this means is Moab can  
> communicate with the TORQUE libraries and the libraries will resolve  
> which server it should communicate with (depending on which one is  
> currently running with an open socket). Moab does not even have to  
> know that TORQUE is running in HA mode--it should just work.
> In other words, you should only need a single RMCFG[] line  
> configuring a single TORQUE RM, as is shown in Mr. Robbert's  
> moab.cfg file. The RMCFG[] lines do indeed control both submission  
> and data querying from TORQUE (and other resource managers).
> As for the SCHEDCFG[] line, these parameters only affect the Moab  
> scheduler configuration. The additional FBSERVER=s02.local:42559 is  
> telling Moab that a secondary Moab Workload Manager daemon is  
> running on s02.local, port 42559. This config only controls Moab's  
> HA, not TORQUE HA.
> Hopefully that makes sense.

Yes it does - thank you for your explanation, and thanks to Michael R.  
for the sample.  I have torque-HA running and am configuring Moab in  
HA.  This will be straightforward following Michael's and Josh's  
example and explanation.  For reference, the documentation is at:


My original question, now solved, arose from a more complex  
constellation where a testing torque-HA instance and Moab ran on all  
different hosts, and Moab was already scheduling a production torque.

With best regards,

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