[torqueusers] Memory resource Limits

Joshua Bernstein jbernstein at penguincomputing.com
Tue Jul 29 17:58:12 MDT 2008

Hi Jim,

> Any suggestions?  Is this actually a maui rather than torque problem?
> (I still am often confused as to where the line is between torque and
> maui).

It sounds like what you really want is to either use a submit filter to 
parse what the user asked for into an actual request that makes sense, 
and/or make some configuration changes to Maui.

To help clear up the TORQUE/Maui line consider this. TORQUE, by itself 
is a resource manager (pbs_server and pbs_mom) combined with a scheduler 
(pbs_sched). As you well know when you run Maui, you simply start maui 
instead of pbs_sched. A resource manager is an application that is 
responsible for starting and stopping processes and of course figuring 
out what resources are available. A RM needs to basically deal with 
system dependent semantics. So an RM for say, OS X (Darwin), may not 
work on Linux, or in an extreme example, say on a Cray. This is why when 
you build TORQUE it figures out what OS its running on, so it can pull 
in the system level bits. Now a scheduler like Maui doesn't need to know 
anything at the system level. Instead, it simply asks the resource 
manager for the status of things, and generally tells the resource 
manager what to do. In other words, the Scheduler doesn't know HOW to 
start a process, it just tells the RM to do the dirty work for it. Does 
that help clarify the picture for you a bit?

-Joshua Bernstein
Software Engineer
Penguin Computing

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