[torqueusers] Problem with routing queue ( Job rejected)

Brak, Felix felix.brak at iwr.fzk.de
Tue Jul 29 08:07:15 MDT 2008

i created a routing queue which should submit a job to another TORQUE system, but if I send a job to the routing queue it gets rejected by the second system.

Error Msg:
07/29/2008 15:50:51  S    Job Queued at request of brak at tce-01-fzk.gridka.de, owner = brak at tce-01-fzk.gridka.de, job name = STDIN, queue = lb08
07/29/2008 15:50:51  S    send of job to lb09 at c10-009-136 failed error = 15023
07/29/2008 15:50:51  S    Job rejected by all possible destinations

Error Code:
PBSE_BADUSER 	 15023 	 Bad user - no password entry

The user with password exists on both systems (also as PBS operator). I tried to add system 1 to system 2 with the submit_hosts parameter but it didn't work.
Couldn't find the hosts.equiv file on the systems (Scientific Linux 4).
Any help is appreciated.

The routing queue on system 1:
# Create and define queue lb08
create queue lb08
set queue lb08 queue_type = Route
set queue lb08 route_destinations = lb09 at c10-009-136
set queue lb08 enabled = True
set queue lb08 started = True

The execution queue on system 2:
# Create and define queue lb09
create queue lb09
set queue lb09 queue_type = Execution
set queue lb09 max_running = 2
set queue lb09 enabled = True
set queue lb09 started = True

Felix Brak

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