[torqueusers] problem with pbs_mom, does not go to background

Daniel Andrzejewski andrzeje at cs.utk.edu
Fri Jul 25 13:42:16 MDT 2008

I fixed the problem myself.

I configured torque without the following option:

  --enable-debug          turn on the DEBUG flag

Now dsh works perfectly.

Daniel Andrzejewski
student IT Administrator
Elec Engr & Comp Science
University of Tennessee
(865) 974 - 4388 (work)
"Investment in knowledge always pays the best interest" Benjamin Franklin

andrzeje wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've tried to figure out this problem myself, also googled around, but no success. When I
> ran pbs_mom it doesn't return the prompt. The only way to get it working is to append & at
> the end. However, in my /etc/init.d/pbs_mom script I had to modify the following line:
>         #daemon ${PREFIX}/pbs_mom
> to:
>         ${PREFIX}/pbs_mom &
> Now it goes to background, but when I use a tool such as dsh, I have to strike ctrl+c as
> many times as the number of compute nodes.
> Is there a solution to that, so I could use the init scripts that came with the tarball?
> My OS is Linux 2.6.18-53.el5 Centos 5.1.
> Thanks and regards,
> Daniel

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