[torqueusers] Configuration problems

Giorgio Padoan gpadoan at inogs.it
Thu Jul 24 09:38:55 MDT 2008

Hi, everyone

I have a little cluster with 10 nodes Intel and 40 processors (10 x Quad-Core).
My front-end have an Intel Dual-Core processor.

I have installed the following software:


The queues are configured and the scheduler runnig the jobs.

The problems are:

- only 2 jobs running at the same time,

- the MPI parallel jobs running on the nodes in according with "machinefile" of mpiexec,
   out of scheduler's directive;

- sequential jobs running only on the front-end (never on the nodes).

I think that it is not a scheduler problem because happen the same with "pbs_sched".
I have an damned annoying configuration problem...

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

giorgio padoan

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