[torqueusers] Wrong cput value

Kevin Murphy murphy at genome.chop.edu
Tue Jul 22 12:39:41 MDT 2008

Torque 2.3.1, CentOS 5.1.

I recently ran tracejob to compare runtime versus data-size statistics 
on 563 jobs, and three of them had impossibly low resources_used.cput 
values.  (For one such job, cput was 1/65th of what it should have been, 
approximately, based on the size of the input and output files).  
Anybody else seen this?  The three jobs in question executed on 
different nodes, and they neither started nor ended at the same time.  
The jobs generated credible output.  The 563 jobs in this set lasted 
between 7 minutes and 5 hours walltime (5.5 min - 3.5hr cput) depending 
on the size of the input data, and when I graph time versus output size, 
it forms a nice cleanish line, with those 3 extreme outliers.  The three 
weird jobs had walltimes of 1:53:28, 2:43:59, and 3:32:09, so the 
incorrect cput values are not the result of natural variation in wall vs 
cpu times.

Kevin Murphy

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