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scoggins jscoggins at lbl.gov
Mon Jul 21 11:02:38 MDT 2008

I have also created a submit filter such as:

  more torque_submitfilter


# add no-rerun option to all jobs
# that did not specify it in user's script or on command line

echo "#PBS -r n"

while read i
     echo $i

Put this in /usr/local/sbin/torque_submitfilter (Shared NFS location).

Modify torque.cfg - $PBSHOME/torque.cfg ---->    SUBMITFILTER /usr/ 

This did the trick as well.



On Jul 20, 2008, at 10:06 PM, Seb wrote:

> Hi,
> These last days we had many stroms and power outages, and each time  
> that our computers were restarted Torque automatically re-ran the  
> jobs. This is extremely annoying since Torque restarts the jobs  
> from the beginning, erase some files, and does not allow us to move  
> a few important files and restart the jobs from where they stopped.  
> Is there a way to tell Torque to delete all jobs from the queue or  
> place them on hold when the computer is restarted? We have Torque  
> and Maui.
> Thanks,
> Seb
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