[torqueusers] Re: [torquedev] Some jobs not starting with Torque 2.3.1 and Moab

Lennart Karlsson Lennart.Karlsson at nsc.liu.se
Fri Jul 18 07:23:11 MDT 2008

Chris Samuel wrote the 5th of July:
> I'm not sure if this is a Torque or Moab bug or just the result
> of a change in interaction between the two, so I'm report this
> to both. :-)
> Torque 2.3.1 official release.
> # moab --version
> moab server version 5.2.3 (revision 10590)
> We have a number of jobs that are not starting and are ending
> up in BatchHold due to repeated failures.  They are all logging
> similar information:
> Message[30] cannot start job on reserved resources - job cannot be started on RM base - cannot set hostlist: cannot set job '472817.tango-m.vpac.org' attr 'Resource_List:neednodes' to 'tango048' - job may have been removed externally (rc: 15001 'Unknown Job Id')


We installed 2.3.1 of Torque today, run version 5.2.3.s10693 of Moab,
and get the same problem with some jobs.

Where there ever some solution to this problem?

Best regards,
-- Lennart Karlsson <Lennart.Karlsson at nsc.liu.se>
   National Supercomputer Centre in Linkoping, Sweden

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