[torqueusers] Unexpected 'qsub: Access from host not allowed, or unknown host' error

Kevin Murphy murphy at genome.chop.edu
Thu Jul 17 10:53:50 MDT 2008

I'm not certain that this problem is caused by some sort of numeric or 
size limit, but here's what I'm experiencing (with Torque 2.3.1 on 
CentOS 5.1):

For "no good reason", a qsub is failing with this error:

qsub: Access from host not allowed, or unknown host

This job would have been the 2,348th job in a pipeline of dependent 
jobs, all placed in a held state initially, with the very first job in a 
manual hold state.

The "#PBS -W" line in the qsub script is 13,984 bytes long (thanks to a 
hefty 'depend' clause).

This pipeline works fine with a few hundred files but breaks with a few 
thousand.  My submission code is in Perl, and as far as I know, it's not 
subject to any size limits that would cause peculiar malfunction.

Kevin Murphy

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